Ramrod 2012

It is seventy years since the hot fighter`s summer of 1942. Seventy years is a lot in a human`s life but just a short time span in a history. A human`s memory is short as well, especially in the country raped by national socialists for six and by communists for another forty years. Although those two formerly allied regimes ended up in the fight to death, they had on thing in common, hatred of freedom loving people who were not only able to think independently, but were willing to die for their homeland and freedom.

There were more than 2500 Czechoslovak airmen serving in the Royal Air Force during the WWII. 529 of them were killed or went missing and 250 more were injured. Their participation in aerial battles during World War II – besides helping the Allied endeavours – was clear signal to the world that not all of the Czechoslovakians were involved in building the New Europe based on the twisted imagination of one German socialistic politician.

The return route of our memorial flight is mirroring the flight of our fighter squadrons during their return home in July 1945. We are taking off and landing from the same airports that they have used during their long delayed journey home. Delayed because of Czechoslovakian Communists needed as much time as possible to conquer the most important positions so that they could perform their coup d’état. The coup when the war heroes could deny the propaganda of the Communists fighting against the National Socialists from the beginning.

During our flight, we will be flying through Dunkerque. Dunkerque, a French port mainly known in history as the location of the evacuation of British army from defeated France. Unfortunately, only few people know that this city is also the symbol of victory. Victory of Czechoslovakian ground troops, fighting for this important port and finally accepted the surrender of its garrison. If we want to make our flight recalling the memory of our soldiers abroad, commending the Czechoslovak Armoured Brigade is our duty.

Our flight is the act of Czechoslovak Historic Flight and of individuals who are proud of history of their country, and who believe that commemorating the heroism of our forefathers makes sence.