L 40 Meta Sokol OK-NOR

Serial number: 150905 Year: 1959

Made in 1959, from 1961 in the UK (G-AROF), then added back to Czech register on 30.6.2000, operated by Aeroclub Zbraslavice. Sold to the UK directly from the exhibition, the owner was an active Royal Navy pilot. He reconstructed the instrument panel for IFR flights with Decca Loran system. It is not known how much IFR flying the aircraft performed and how much of development was legal, but instrument panel with its incredible recorder, including ink pen on the small arm still exists. The aircraft then flew very few hours – Owner lost his license quite early because of his health, but he did not want to sell the Metasokol. So it was only possible from his estate in 1997, when the aircraft was transferred to the CR. Since 2001 it is still in operation for Zbraslavice AeroClub, where it has quite decent annual flight time. The aircraft is equipped with a functional tanks at the wingtips, with the reserve, the range is approximately 5.5 hours

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