Zlín Z-326M OK-OTD

SN 0609 was built in 1960 for CSLA, which initially used it, along with other airplanes of the same series, under the name C-305 for training foreign pilots. Soon,  after there was no use for them, they were transferred to the military aeroclubs and then to Svazarm. Same fate befell SN 0609, which initially flew under the military designation of the Aero Club of Aeronautical Repair Corporation Kbely since 1972, with the civil registration OK-OTD. It went through several airports, but mostly lived on Točná, and since 1978, after conversion to Z-326M in Kladnom as towing. After the aforementioned rebuildin and GO in Kunovice Aerotechnik, it recieved the M-137A engine and a towing propeller from 42.6413. Many legends of CS. Aviation had turns behind the stick, like Milan Vanecek, Pavel Kocfelda, Charles Pouba or Kudýš. In the spring of 1989, it was transferred to Jicin, where it was after its final flight delimited to the AeroClub Policka, which had it overhauled in 1994 and used it in the towing role until 2006. Then it was sold into private hands, equipped with a radio, transponder Mode S, ELT, external fuel tanks of the type Z-526 and Z 42.6411 propeller, with which it absolved trips to much of the world. Among other things, it managed to land on the legendary Berlin Tempelhof airport just before its closure.

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