Zlín Z 526F OK-IZZ

Zlin Z-526F OK-IZZ, SN 1162, first registered on 28 October 1971 in Italy under the brand name I-VIZZ, owned by Caproni Vizzola Construzioni Aeronautiche SpA, was bough in 1977 by the Aeroclub di Milano and was transferred to the Lindbergh Flying School in 1981. In 1991 Mr. Ricardo Marcassa became a private owner and operated them, as he said “Very Gently”, until 2008 when it was in completely unflyable condition with minor defects. Than It was bought by Mrs. Monika Bezděková and later by VERTEGO Company Ltd. Due to defects, problems at issue export certificates and the overall condition of the aircraft, it was decided to overhaul it, by the company AIR-TECH HOLEŠOV, which was completed to the full satisfaction of the new owner. The original white color of the aircraft, with the Italian tricolor, was replaced by a “classic” red and white – according to the original documentation. In memory of the Italian operation, the aircraft was registered as OK-IZZ. After airports Vizzola Ticino, Milan Bresso, Torino, Parma and Genoa, it returned back home to the Prague Letňany airport.Aeroklub Praha Letňany

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