Zlín Z 526M OK-VRC

SN 0909, was built in 1966 as  Z-326. First flight took place on 06.06.66, Vlastimil Berg piloting, and then the aircraft was sold to France, where it flew until 1977 under the registration mark F-BNMX. It was then stored until it was bought in the early 90′s  , and brought into the Republic by Mr. Milan Jančář from the company Zlin-Avion, which performed an overhaul that changed it into the Z-526M (a M-137A engine and  V-503A propeller were installed). It was then sold to Slovakia in Holíč Aero Club, where it flew until 2006 as OM-VOR. After a while, it flew in Poland as SP-KSM, where, due to an engine failure, a crash occurred after takeoff, in which the aircraft was damaged. On that occasion, it was bought back by Zlin-Avion, repaired, including GO. It was painted the original color scheme used on Z-526 OK-VRB and VRF in the sixties, and was allotted registration mark OK-VRC (in accordance with the original system of allocation of marks) and then ended, after 44 years abroad, in its native country, where it is operated at the Slany airport alongside OK-OTD.

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